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What doors are saying




A recent study at a very prestigious university, with very intelligent people, who possess very impressive degrees just concluded that all doors prefer Touch 'n Hold door closers over any other brand of door closer on the market.


"Its true, its not a pretty sight watching my owner bending over to slide that washer into place just to hold me open.  Last week he split his pants going through the hassle... it was just embarrassing," says a full view patio door from Omaha who participated in the survey.


"I have been punched, kicked and verbally abused repeatedly for my closer's failure to shut easily.  Don't get me started on the abuse I take when my closer pinches my owners' fingers when they try to close me.  I know they don't mean it, but I'm just not the same door as when they bought me," stated a door under anonymity.


Another door from Springfield, MA claims, "The other doors on my cul-de-sac all laugh at me.  Bounce, bounce, bounce...That's my closing motion.  It's just not smooth.  How can I impress Liza Larson when she has a Touch n' Hold Smooth and I don't.  I'm just not Smooth.  I have even cut my owner's heels a couple times because I close so fast at first.  IT'S NOT MEEEE!"


A green door from Palm Springs said, "If my owner had a Touch 'n Hold, my life and theirs would be great!  My owner wouldn't have to push and pull, push and pull. . . I'm getting queasy just thinking about it.  With a Touch 'n Hold, all they would have to do is nudge me and I would smoothly close.  So simple!"


Okay, okay....

That was just a sampling of what doors around the country are saying about the Touch 'n Hold.  You owe it to yourself and to your door to give us a chance.  All kidding aside, here are what some ACTUAL Touch ‘n Hold owners are saying about their experience with our product:


What actual people are saying


"I recently recieved and installed a dual smooth door closer for a very expensive storm door that was driving us crazy! Every time someone would try to open the storm door, it would turn into a wrestling match. My grandchildren would not even use the front door! I installed the dual smooth opener in about five minutes, and could NOT believe the difference. The door now closes smoothly, completely, and quietly, even before any adjustment. LOVE IT!!"

[Gini, Westlake, OH]

"I would like to enquire as to how I can import Touch and Hold Door Closers to here at my home, as we do not have these over here in Australia. I was fortunate to be given some from my niece who brought them over with her from where she lives in San Antonio and they have been a blessing and would be so advantages to the Elderly, Disabled, and just everyone."

[Elizabeth, Queensland, Australia]

"I have installed two sets of your door closures in the recent past.  They are first class."

[Jack, Sparks, NV]

"Hello Touch n Hold,  I purchased a Pella storm door a few years ago and FINALLY had it installed a couple of months ago. 


The installer was very impressed with how easily the door assembled and how nice the closers were with the neat touch and stay open flipper.  Of course, we had to read the instructions on how simple it was to release having been so accustomed to the little slider type.  So easy and convenient!  I love it.  The one problem I've had since the door was installed is the slamming of the door.  Today, I searched for help on your website.  Wow!  What a great site it is.  In less than five minutes I fixed the slamming problem and fell deeper in love with my storm door.

I will recommend this door to others but tell them not to buy any door unless it has YOUR closers on it!  Keep up the good work!"


"A Very Satisfied Customer In The Heartland"

[Nila, Overland Park, KS]


"The new COASTAL has been great so far.  I used to replace the door closer on my porch about once a year because of rust.  I bought the Coastal because it's rustproof, but I think I'm more impressed with the how easy the touch button is to use.  Thanks."

[Will the Thrill, Tampa, FL]


"This is so far advanced and such a leap forward in the technology that I cannot conceive of an appropriate improvement"

[Alan F, Fairfield, CT]


"Perfect just as it is"

[Vincent C, W. Haven, CT]


"I like it!  I think you should also go after door manufacturers to include it in their package"

[Jim F, Clifton Park, NY]


"It was so easy to install.  It took me about five minutes.  Now I no longer worry about my children's' fingers with the door. I am  very pleased with your product."

[Maria S, West Haven, CT]


"I love it - its fantastic!  I have had some back problems in the past, and I love that I can just use my foot to hold the door open now (I have your product on the bottom).  I hated having to bend down to fiddle with the old closer."

[Sarah H, Grand Rapids, MI]


"I think your product is terrific and it works wonderfully.  The old type never held 100% but this does and very easy.  Best of luck. It should be very successful"

[DE, Derby, CT]


" great idea "

[Raymond M, W Haven, CT]


"It's a great product.  We have a few on all of our doors and always get them for friends and family.  Its just so much more convenient."

[Libby L, Indianapolis, IN]


"Very happy with the item - will enjoy for a long time."

[Dolores C, New Haven, CT]


"This is very easy to operate - great for anyone who might have difficulty working with his/ her hands (arthritis)."

[Ana C, Gales Ferry, CT]


"I play the cello for a living and your product makes going in and out of the house so much simpler for me and my instrument.  Before I had to put it down before going in and out.  This is no longer the case. "

[Leah H, Lexington, KY]


"Seems to be of better quality than similar items sold currently."

[T, Croton, NY]





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