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The Family Handyman - June, 2002

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The Family Handyman - June, 2002

Hands-free screen door closer

No more wrestling with that screen door or sliding that goofy little washer along the closer arm to hold it open. With a touch of a finger (or foot or elbow or cane) the Touch N Hold keeps the door wide open while you carry in groceries, babies and drywall. It's a sturdy little workhorse, available in heavy- and medium-duty models and carrying a lifetime warranty. It will even self-close in high winds to protect your door. To install it, you simply pop out the two pins that hold your old closer, insert the Touch N Hold between the existing brackets and reinsert the pins. It's available in seven colors and ranges in price from $13 to $19 at home centers and hardware stores. Find a dealer near you on the Web site.