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Popular Mechanics - May, 2001

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Popular Mechanics - May, 2001

Big Idea

Sometimes a small invention comes along that can affect things in a big way. That seems to be the case with the button-operated storm door closer, a handy device designed by an aerospace engineer who saw a need to improve the standard product. You push the button to hold the door open, and simply push on the door to release the mechanism. It's available in seven colors and two types - one for storm doors that weigh up to 60 pounds and another for doors that weigh no more than 30 pounds.  The closer can pe installed using the door's existing closer brackets, and it can be placed at midheight or at floor level. It costs $10 to $13 at hardware stores and home centers. Contact Connecticut GreeStar Inc., 1157 Melville Ave., Fairfield, CT 06432; 886-842-5673.