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Atlanta Journal - Constitution – January, 2005

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Atlanta Jurnal - Constitution, January 2005

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Storm-door closer

by Kathie and Gene Hamilton / Tribune Media Services


A storm-door closer is a hardworking device that's truly one of the unsung heroes of a household. It goes totally unnoticed until you're moving a large object through the doorway and need to prop the door open, or when the opener breaks and the door swings open and there's no control to stop it.

The new kid on the block of door closers doesn't operate by sliding a washer from one end to the other.  Instead, the Touch 'n Hold closer is a button-operated device that you can place anywhere on the storm door. Install it in the middle of the door and the button is conveniently located to press with a hand and hold the door open. Install it at the bottom of the door, and tap the button with your foot for easy access when your hands are full. To unlatch the door, gently push or kick the door.

The device is sold at home centers and hardware stores, or online at, where it is offered in a selection of colors, in addition to light-, medium- and heavy-duty styles for different doors.

A handyman will charge $58 to remove the old closer and replace it with a new one. You can do the job for $20 - the cost of a closer for a medium-weight storm door - saving 66 percent.


Costs reflect prices in the St. Michael's, Md, area.