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Our Story

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At Greenstar, we have one main goal: making everyone's life just a little bit easier, and our story begins with a product developed for just this purpose!


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Years ago, the inventor of the Touch ‘n Hold door closer had a little daughter, and although brilliant, she was a little clumsy. She kept on getting her fingers pinched trying to make their old screen door stay open.  When this happened, she cried.  Not just a little cry. No, this cry involved big, sloppy tears. That old metal washer thingy was just hard to use.


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Our inventor also noticed that his very sweet, aging mother had to bend down to fiddle with the washer so that the door would stay open as she did chores around the house. And because she had a bad back and arthritic hands, doing this made this sweet old lady mutter some very un-sweet words. Our inventor did not like to see his daughter cry or his mother grumble in pain.  Thus, he used his many years of experience as an aeronautical engineer to invent what some have called,  "the world's most convenient door closer."  Someone has even called it the, "best invention since sliced bread." That one might be a bit of a stretch, but hey, we'll take it.


The Touch 'N Hold has replaced that silly washer with a modern, convenient, and easy to use touch button. No more pinched fingers and no more achy backs. The Touch 'n Hold is easy to use for any hand and any foot. Launched in 1997, this product quickly gained the attention of both our customers and media outlets. It was simply a great improvement on the old standard.  Since then we have continued to make improvements and have strived to provide the best product on the market. We have taken the next step in storm door closer evolution with the release of the Smooth. The Smooth has all the convenience of the Touch 'n Hold Classic, but with a smooth closing motion that has long been needed and asked for. No more getting slammed in the back!

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But we are not just door closers. With many more products in the works, we are always striving to make your life just a little bit easier because, hey, life is hard enough.


Greenstar's offices are located in Fairfield, CT.


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