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My door/door closer is stuck open. What's the deal?

If you are installing your closer for the first time (or you have just pressed the button for the first time) don't worry - Your closer is not broken!  The important thing to remember is that you only want to press the button when you want the door to stay open.  To get the door to close, simply nudge the door farther open (without touching the button).  The door should close gently, like a feather on a calm summer breeze.


If the wind caught your door and the closer seems to be locked open, try this:  take the door closer off your door.  Now grab the cylinder with one hand and the rod with the other hand (it may help to put a thin screw driver in the hole at the end of the metal rod to use as a handle).  Now pull the two apart and (while pulling) rotate the rod 180 degrees.  The rod should release and retract like the head of a groggy tortoise.


What is the difference between Standard Duty and Heavy Duty?

The Standard Duty is meant for almost all screen and storm doors, whereas the Heavy Duty is meant for heavier security doors (60lbs and up).


What is the Touch 'n Hold standard warranty?  For my Pella door?  For my Larson door?

2 years for all


What are your shipping methods?

We ship using Priority Mail only.


I am a contractor, can I purchase your Touch ‘n Hold products at wholesale?

Yes, just email us at info@touchnholddoorclosers.com and we will get you set up.


My plastic brackets broke. Why are your brackets made of plastic? Can I order a replacement part?

If you have a Pella door and your bracket broke, chances are it did exactly what it was supposed to do. It is designed to break in order to prevent damage to your door and door frame from heavy winds. Get replacements here.


Where can I buy spare parts for my Touch ‘n Hold?

We happily provide spare parts on our webstore. You will not be able to find spare parts at our retail locations.


Can I use a Touch ‘n Hold with my existing metal brackets?

Yes! Touch ‘n Hold is designed to be easily interchangeable with your old closer.  It is made to fit with the brackets of most other brands, so there is no need to replace your old brackets. This means that you can easily replace your old closer in just a few minutes. Find out how in our How To section.


What is the difference between a single kit & dual kit?

Many doors are full view (all glass) doors & have 2 closers (one at the top and one at the bottom of the door) to prevent torsion. The dual kit was designed so that you do not have buy 2 singles to replace both closers. 
: For the Touch ‘n Hold Smooth, the dual pack is needed to maximize Smooth closing feature on doors requiring two closers.


Why do I need to buy a dual kit to maximize the smooth close?

The advanced technology of the Touch ‘n Hold Smooth is unique to our brand and will not work properly in conjunction with another closer. The closing action of a non-smooth closer does not match the closing action of a Smooth closer, meaning the two may work against each other.  We recommend the Dual pack for doors that have two closers.


How do I adjust closing speed?

Our closers have an easily adjustable screw knob that can be tightened or loosened to adjust the closing speed. Turn clockwise to tighten and slow the close, or counter-clockwise to loosen and speed up the close. For more detail, refer to the Instructions.


How do I adjust slamming?

Please find the answer to this within the Instructions.


Will my plastic closer last as long as my metal closer?

Absolutely. Our plastic closers are built & tested to withstand extreme weather conditions including both extreme heat & cold. They are less susceptible to rusting in humid/coastal conditions, and are also UV protected so they will hold their color in intense sunlight.


My door closer has a touch feature, but is not called Touch ‘n Hold Classic or Smooth, are you the manufacturer of this product?

If your closer has a Touch button then most likely you own a Touch ‘n Hold. To maximize our goal of making everyone's life easier, we have allowed distributors such as Ultra & Stanley, as well as door manufacturers like Pella & Larson to provide our products.


Why is this product so awesome?

Well for one, it's sexy. Just look at those sleek curves and vibrant colors. More importantly however, is its unbelievable convenience. Built with you and your door in mind, we worked hard to make sure this is the most convenient closer you've ever used... because life is hard enough.  But all you have to do is try it to be convinced. Or check out some testimonials.