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The Touch ‘n Hold storm, screen & security door closer is a vital improvement on the old standard of closers. One customer put it best, calling it "the world's most convenient door closer!" Built with you in mind, the unique Touch button allows you to easily use the hold open feature that, with most closers, is just plain annoying. No more pinched fingers from that silly washer. No more bending over to dial a knob. Just tap the button and the door stays open. Just nudge the door farther open and the door closes. Thanks for visiting our site!  Explore on to see the many other great and convenient features of the Touch n' Hold.




The door closer is one of the most overlooked household hardware items, and yet they are practically in every American home.  Suitable for storm doors, screen doors, security doors and lanai doors, you will find Touch'n Hold door closers everywhere from single family homes to apartment complexes to pool enclosures.  Touch'n Hold door closers are making the world of opening doors more convenient everywhere!


The convenience of the Touch'n Hold has made it the obvious choice for top door manufacturers in the industry.  Working with companies like Larson, Pella, & Unique Home Design, the Touch'n Hold is quickly becoming the preferred door closer.  Our Touch 'n Holds have also been called "Smooth Glide", "EZ Glide", & "Push-Button Closer," but no matter what name is used, you know it's a Touch'n Hold when you see our patented push button design.  There is nothing else like it on the market.


A relatively inexpensive home improvement item, the Touch'n Hold has also been designed to easily replace your existing closer with minimal work.  Even the "un-handy" can swap out their existing closer in two minutes or less.  You dont even have to change out your existing brackets.  Simply pop out the two pins, switch out the closers, and replace the two pins.  For more instructions, check out our "How to Install a Door Closer" directions.


Our closers come in two lengths: a twelve inch model and a ten inch model.  The 12" closer comes as Touch 'n Hold Classic, Touch 'n Hold Smooth and Touch 'n Hold Heavy.  The Smooth and the Classic are designed for almost any storm door while the Heavy is intended for heavier security doors or entry doors.  Our 10" closer, known as the Touch 'n Hold Coastal, is made for lightweight storm doors and screen doors. The Touch 'n Hold Coastal is also rust-proof, making it great for coastal areas with high heat and humidity levels and is a perfect fit for pool and lanai enclosures.  Both the Touch 'n Hold Smooth and the Touch 'n Hold Coastal come with a smooth closing feature that is unique to our pneumatic closer.


The Touch'n Hold Smooth features Greenstar's proprietary iso-kinetic technology.  It provides a uniform closing motion which can only be comparably found in a heavier and more expensive hydraulic door closer.  Finally, a pneumatic door closer that provides a better, more smooth closing motion.  No matter what your brand of door (Larson, Pella, Anderson, Providian, Gerkin, Gorel, etc.) the Touch'n Hold Smooth is a great upgrade!


The Touch'n Hold is made by Greenstar, a manufacturer of door hardware.  Greenstar distributes its products to door manufacturers and retail distributors (Stanley, National, Ultra and Orgill).  Home improvement stores across the world carry Greenstar products!


Providing door closer kits, handles, latches, storm door parts, screen door parts, and replacement door closer parts, Greenstar is continuing to improve on what is expected in door hardware.  It all started with the Touch'n Hold, but we are committed to continue making life for everyone just a little bit easier....



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Press-Media Coverage

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